At Home 


  • Clean, comfortable, non-smoking housing and grounds

  • Nutritious family-style meals

  • 24 hour support and supervision from caring staff

  • Assistance with activities of daily living

 Community Activities Program 

Residents work alongside staff to learn or improve

important life skills, such as:

  • Time management & task completion

  • Cooperating with people & working with others

  • Teamwork, assertiveness, & leadership

  • Safety & responsibility

  • Frustration tolerance

 Physical & Mental  Health 
  • On-site psychiatrist and regular medication follow-up

  • Assistance with medical appointments 

  • Assistance with medication compliance

  • Assistance with a healthy diet

  • Daily exercise and assistance with weight management

 Family Support 
  • Bi-monthly family meetings,

  • Support, education and opportunity for families 

  • Individualized family meetings for support and education

  • Volunteer opportunities

 Therapeutic Services 
  • On-site psychologist and psychology interns

  • Skill building groups

  • Crisis management

  • Medication education

  • Daily morning meetings for orientation, discussion and daily planning

  • Group recreational activities and outings

  • Friendships and cooperative living to enhance relationship skills

  • Monthly family meals and activities

 Community Based Treatment / Private Mental Health Center  
Residential Inpatient / Custodial Care Facility / Long-term Placement 
Adult Residential Facility / Other Place of Service 

For ease of usability and reference, the John Henry Foundation offers the following services for patients.  The codes are offered for families and potential/patients of the program.  The family or individual patient is responsible for the payment of services.  We currently charge $3500.00 per month (due the first day of the month of services) which is also dependent on the government benefits of the individual.  The fee is a collective sum for the services we offer, as highlight below, with a separation of room and board.  Some patients have had some success with insurance agencies paying for placement, however; we are not responsible for the procurement of funds but can assist with any necessary paperwork that may be required. For more information or to discuss options, please contact us.

  • Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluations (90791/ 90792)

  • Assessment (H0031)

  • Brief Behavioral Health Assessment Screening (96127)

  • Evaluation & Management (99201-99205/99211-99215)

  • Prolonged Service 60 min (99354)

  • Medication Administration (96372/T1502)

  • Treatment Plan Development and Review (H0032)

  • Psychotherapy (90832 / 90834 / 90837)

  • Family Therapy (90846 / 90847)

  • Psychological Evaluation (96101)

  • Targeted Case Management (T1017)

  • Crisis Response (H2011)

  • Community Support Services (H0036)

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