We maintain an active lifestyle to help create meaning and special memories. Some of our activities include: hiking, beach and pier walks, art shows, music concerts, festivals and sports games!

Volunteer Work

John Henry believes in supporting residents in money management, financial planning and organization.  To help develop residents, we offer an onsite work program where residents can volunteer to work in our facility and earn credit toward gift cards.  They help support our pets, help in the kitchen, teach classes to other residents and support the office, amongst other things.  \We also have a variety of non-profits that help to support and provide us with opportunities to engage our residents.  

Exercise Program

All residents utilize our exercise program.  We have a variety of options to choose from daily.  These include yoga, basketball, walking onsite, walking in the community, at a local park and sometimes at the beach.  We also do gardening in our own gardens and also at local non-profits and museums for exercise.

Nutrition Program

John Henry is a healthy eating program.  We offer international menus, unique and creative dishes, and homestyle cooking.  Our menus are NOT on rotation! We prepare, plan and schedule out menus with the input of residents, while also offering alternatives for those with unique diets.

John Henry Foundation

Moore Village Licensed Board and Care

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Santa Ana, CA

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