Building up lives.  
  Making a difference.
 The John Henry Foundation.  

In visiting our website or exploring our grounds, you'll see how the John Henry Foundation has made a difference.  It started with the simple notion that people living with Schizophrenia Spectrum Illnesses can live meaningful lives.


The Foundation, started in 1989, has helped build up the lives of hundreds of residents, counseled countless family members, and educated many community members.  The John Henry Foundation was built because people believed in doing something truly transformational, challenging the ideas people had about a disease and giving hope to those living with being different.  It was about taking an honest look at our own stigmas, opening our minds and making a profound change.  People living with Schizophrenia are people too.  And though they struggle each and every day, they can live a life worth living.


We've incorporated innovative therapy techniques that allow us to study and learn about how we can improve treatments.  By integrating these treatments into the residents' daily lives, we've provided a platform to help them help themselves.


We have built a program around this population that has resulted in fewer hospitalizations and relapses than in the general community.  We educate communities, agencies and families.  We strive for the best care and provide services outside of any typical board and care.  Perhaps, most importantly, we provide a home.  That's because we don't provide care for just a "patient"- we provide care for our family.


Our residents strive daily to celebrate life and to revolutionize the way that people with this illness can live.  


A strong Foundation is built by people.  On behalf of everyone involved, we invite you to learn about us, hear our stories and be a part of our journey by contributing to a place that changes lives.  


The John Henry Foundation offers a caring home for adults living with schizophrenia spectrum illnesses. At JHF they join a community where residents live, work, socialize and learn to manage their illness in order to help them develop the most meaningful life possible.

John Henry Foundation

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